Alpha Homesteading at Hi Fidelity

One of the problems (well for some of us) in the Hi Fidelity alpha world is that setting up your domain part. For some it is easy and for others not so much, and a few just really aren't interested in that part of the equation.

The whole theme of Hi Fidelity has always been the 3D web, and with that comes domains and "3D web pages" (well there is a correlation anyway).  But while I have had many websites over the years, even back when people wrote code from scratch in notepad; I am SO not interested in setting up my own world on MY computer.

For the same reasons there are commercial grids in Opensim, it seemed logical that eventually there would be commercial domains in Hi Fidelity.

And reading the posts in the forums this morning I found it was already happening -- for the alphas. Kudos to the folks behind this!

Read more about the project here.