Facebook Occulus and Second Life

Well you knew it was coming.

In an article on UPSTART, Facebook, Oculus and Second Life (1.0) are linked in more than just passing rumor mode.

Is resistance futile?

I am not a Facebook fan and if I "have" to use Oculus in order to be in Second Life (or The New World) I'll be gone.

But that's just me.

New Worlds Adoption

Now I really don't have any great new news here, but I seem to be developing a following of sorts and what's a gal to do? I hate to go to blogs with nothing different to ponder.

So here's what I am thinking.

I have been exploring different platforms of late. In Virtual Paradise I made a couple of stores (almost free) and moved some items over and indeed created some new things that have and will eventually get to other platforms. I even made some pretty spiffy hair for a girlfriend. And amazingly I am making money on the very tiny grid. And yes, I am surprised.

I have been on a lot of grids. I tend to take on that "supportive" role. I want the newly forming grid to look like there is something worthwhile to purchase -- you know, for the discerning folks. I don't expect to make a lot of dinero, but sometimes it turns out that I do. And that's OK too.

I also returned to Kitely (not as Chic) to check up on things there. The website is greatly improved and while my email address seems to have been lost in the database (I faithfully wrote all info down but it just aint workin') I did manage to get quite a few places. [Later note: I am thinking that my problem there was that I was not a paying citizen and so was blocked out of some worlds.] One thing there that does seem smart is loading of the worlds when needed. Sure you have to wait a bit, but patience is a good thing. The marketplace isn't terribly impressive. Prices are high and quality in general low, but hopefully it is working for some folks. There ARE some nice places to visit and visiting is EASIER there now, so points on the score board.

I tried to get into Metropolis (looks like the largest Open Sim grid from the stats) a place where you can hook your sim(s) up for free using your own computer. It is a non-commerce grid.  I could get around in Metropolis OK but in three days I was never out of orange cloud status. The advice I got was to install yet another viewer and that was really too daunting for me (I am trying to pare down in the viewer category) so I finally gave up. I DO have an account there so maybe in the future.

Meanwhile all this out and about adventuring on both new grids and old had me thinking about what makes grids grow.

Inworldz (over five years) and some of the other older OS style grids seem to be stable but stagnent. People come and people go and life goes on as usual. Actually we could say the same for Second Life these days.

The New World has a bit of an advantage over other birthing platforms. There is a ready-made audience and I am sure The Lab is counting on that. A fair amount of SL citizens already know there is a new grid on the far horizon. Some are looking forward to it, others are happy to stay where they are.

When we look at the bread crumbs dropped we can surmise that in some ways the new world will be quite different. Mobile device accessability is a promise and with that come new rules. Let's look at Cloud Party. Wonderful tech, completely different building standard that were in part necessitated by the need for global viewing.

You needed to make two kinds of garments and attachments in CP. One for SD (standard definition low bandwidth and things seen at a distance) and HD (nicely sharp but still much lighter density mesh -- and CP was an all mesh world) than you find in SL.  There were HUGE areas to work on (four times the size of SL sims) but you had limited resources. Items with long distance viewer (good LODS) "cost" more against your allotment. Textures were an issue so 256 and 512 were the standard. Once you plopped down an item though, it no longer counted against your cost. So one tree or 50 trees were all the same -- and that I liked a lot.

We don't know what the New World rules will be, but we can be sure they will be different than SL. That will work for some folks and not others. I am guessing the younger crowd will be more inclined to make the switch -- especially the non-creators.

Movers and Shakers and Elitism

Well what can I say --

There is a group in SL, sort of moved over from the August Terms of Service days. It promotes original content -- a good thing. I am all for that.

But --

well of course there is a but. I read on the forums that this group really doesn't take all original content creators. When I looked at the list it was the movers and shakers that were listed, not the "little folk".

To be fair, I did a test. I had my alt put in an application. She has absolutely no questions asked original content and does not sell to other parties as full perm (a criteria).

You know what? She too wasn't accepted.

Now I know that most of the people in the top level of this original TOS group left. I don't know the complete details. Megalomania was mentioned :D,  but I was not there. What I can say is that having a group that only caters to the top tier creators while seeming to be for ALL original content creator is NOT a good thing.

So -- while it is likely that most of the folks listed (I mean I am sure the leaders are not checking daily for anything that could possibly be borrowed and oftentimes you can't tell anyway) are legit, leaving out the other 70 per cent or so of "legal" folks -- just isn't right in my book.

Another demerit for the fearless leader who really does seem to like running the show with her character's name in the marquee.