Just Like Old New York

Designing Worlds had Thanksgiving a little early in virtual land; most attendees probably have events on Thursday should they be USA folks.

During the meal, LaPiscean Liberty gave his thoughts on that Next Generation Second Life. For me, his analogy was "spot on" as they say across the pond. He likened SL 1.0 to New York City. Not all parts of the city are impressive, new or up to date -- but there are still many folks who call it home.

I haven't actually been to New York City. A motel in the outer regions on a trip home from Morocco was as close as I came unless you count the airports. Still, you could say the same about San Francisco which I have visited often.

For me, SL is doing just fine. Not everything works perfectly but certainly better than it has in the past. There are plenty of things to do, TONS of people and lots of new shinies cropping up each week. We have the best designers for our type of virtual world and we can make or environment into our dream.

I am of course excited to see the new world. I don't expect I will be one of the first through the gates. I am not a big content creator and my fame points are only in a tiny circle *wink*. Still I will venture over when I can to see the vision and to likely make some new things in a new way for the new platform (that is SO what I do!).

Meanwhile, I wanted to pass on that great thought from LAP; there is something sort of cozy and comforting about it.

Bait and Switch?

Now I am going to try and be really fair here because I CAN see both sides of the issue.

AviWorlds sent out a message tonight apparently in the same time frame as this note went up on the Google Plus site:

Now there is nothing actually technically wrong with this statement -- but of course there is a but.  While the land may be free, the "tier" is not. It is -- as of this evening's announcement -- going to be $150 AVs per week ($75 linden dollars). Now this nothing of course -- 35 cents or so?  But still, it is bothersome.

The reasoning behind the decision is that some folks come, get free land and seldom return. That plunk a tree down and call it good syndrome.  I get that.

Camping boxes have been set up in various places (some are working -- some are not) and you can earn $3 per 10 minutes if you are the ONLY one there. If there are others? Well ya take your chances; they are random money givers. I did a little math an you need to camp for at LEAST 8.5 hours a week to keep your land plot.

For some folks that isn't a big deal. They can log themselves in while they are working or doing email or watching Hulu. For others, their virtual life time is limited; I doubt they will want to spend so much of their week standing around to pay for their "free" land.

Is this going to backfire? I am thinking yes. Folks with commercial sims could in theory pay their rent with the proceeds of sales. Then again they need to have sales. With a small grid that may or may not happen. 
Later Note: Commercial is free.

The most worrisome thing from my point of view (and I have already figured out I won't be making any art there so I am not personally invested) is that the rules seem to change weekly. I kinda like a bit more firm footing.

It IS all very interesting though -- and I like interesting.

The Future of VR - Desura Sale

Did you know that over a million dollars are paid out each week to Second Life content creators?

Learn this and a few more facts in a round table discussion on the future of virtual reality. Ebbe is one of the panel members.

See it here.

Also, Desura is no longer under the umbrella of The Lab. Read the press release here.