Three Weeks In

So it's been three weeks in Sansar now and I have had a great time and learned a lot but ready to come back to SL (not that I really left). I proved a few points and made a few waves (all good as stagnant isn't a great place to be) but ---

homemade hair and glasses
I gave myself a month and it will be almost that by the time I get all that I have made up in the store. I don't expect to sell a lot right now but it is good for folks to have choices. And that was part of my plan.

I suspect I will return in a bit to see how things are going and maybe build another experience. December (if you aren't doing the advent calendars) is fairly calm. Maybe then.
I made my experience much like it would be in SL. That didn't sit well for some folks that are deeply enmeshed in PBR and Phong (different look to the graphics) but personally I feel like the only way Sansar will "make it" will be by appealing to a wider audience that VR.  My site is made for the desktop folks and I am happy to state that.   It seems like The Lab has figured that out also judging by some changes of late.

It is definitely a fun place to vacation for free and play and learn some new skills. No argument there.
So venture over if you want a change of scenery.